What is a Green Home?

08 Aug
August 8, 2012

What is a green home? Is it having solar panels, good insulation, better windows, or sustainable growth products?  “Going Green” seems to be the mantra of every business these days, and they explain how they have gone green by cutting back on paper, water use, or paper clips.  We should all try to be responsible about waste, but these themes have been over used and don’t mean much anymore to the average person.

When we refer to green homes we are talking about a complete mindset change not just a component change, like a new window or insulation.  If your house used one third less energy per square foot than the average house would you call this a “Green Home”?  This is what we call a “Green Home.”

We manufacture a complete system of home building that is a true “Green Home.”
We are Virginia Green Homes.  www.virginiagreenhomes.com

Wall completed with concrete