26 Jul

How Our System Works

Main Ways Heat is Transmitted:
The first is direct transfer: Think of a tea kettle on an open flame.
2. The second way is through convective heat: Think of an oven where the hot air cooks the turkey.
3. The third way is through radiation: Think of popcorn in the microwave.

We address all three forms of heat transfer with our Radiant Thurma Vent ICF. This makes your house naturally cooler even before you introduce conventional heating and cooling. The idea is to make your house energy efficient to the point that you will need very little additional energy to make it comfortable all year around.

1. Direct heat transfer: 

To slow down direct transfer of heat you need insulation. We accomplished this with our 12” polystyrene wall panels incorporated into our Radiant Therma Vent ICF panels. The panels under the roof are in the form of a structural roof panel. Both of these slow down the heat transfer more than any other style of insulation.

2. Convective Heat:

The main idea for this technology is that hot air rises. We have learned if you allow for an air space under any roof, that as the roof absorbs the heat from the sun the heat will transfer to the air and will rise and exit through the ridge vent. As the hot air escapes it will draw in cooler air through our custom eave vents. The studies show that the darker the roof the hotter the air and the faster the automatic ventilation would occur. This form of ventilation addresses the convective type of heat transfer.

3. Radiation:

To stop the radiant heat we need an air gap which already exists under the roof with our venting system and then we place a radiant reflective membrane on top of that air gap. This creates a radiant barrier that has up to a 97% reflectivity.

We learned how this technology worked by actually installing many different types of these roofs and watching the results. We then built a house using many of these concepts and the results have been amazing. We now offer a system that incorporates all of these systems into a whole house ventilation system. This allows for the entire external membrane to take the heat and ventilate, radiate and insulate naturally and automatically for about the same cost as a stick built home. The name of this system is the Radiant Therma Vent ICF.

Go to our “Why our Systems Works” page and we will break down each component for you.